2015 Scrapbook Plan!

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In yesterdays post, I mentioned that I had recently found an old unused scrapbook, and wanted to jump on the scrapbooking bandwagon!
I though I'd do a little individual post on this, to explain how I want to go about it, and as I go along I can keep you updated on its progression :)

So the scrapbook itself is this beautiful vintage flowered one, which I'm pretty sure I got for my 18th birthday?.. so it has only been waiting to be used for... 5 years, oops!
But I am finally getting round to doing it!
I'm planing on making it into a 2015 scrapbook, so that it can hold everything inside that I get up to this year. This way I'm hoping it will motivate me a bit more to put stuff in it, if I have some sort of schedule, and if I end up enjoying the process and keeping to it, who knows, maybe I could keep a scrapbook for every year to come!
This would be a pretty damn good keepsake for the future and to look back on!

So far I've only done the kind of 'intro page'
It's not the most interesting layout or design, but it is surprisingly difficult when faced with a big bit of blank paper! It really reminded me of the Uni days and having a new sketchbook!
The first page is so clean and daunting haha

I'm going to lay it out so that each double spread page is a month.
So you will turn over the intro page, and see January spread over the two pages, then turn and see February, and so on!
I guess that some months might be more packed and filled than others, but I will just have to wing it as I go along :)

I've been collecting patterns and found little words and shapes from magazines, and the many many many craft magazines that my mum has.
I'm hoping that this will give me loads of materials to work from so that I can make the pages super colourful and interesting.
I also plan on collecting receipts, tickets, and any little keepsakes, like photographs, napkins and anything really that could evoke memories and act as a little extra something to put on the pages!,

I'm really excited to see how I get on, and am looking forward to being creative with my hands, as well as digitally on this blog to document my life in various ways :D

Now I need to catch up a bit, as January is already gone!
Go go go!

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