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Ripped Jeans... they are everywhere!
And for something that can be so easily done, they are also really expensive.
Technically you are paying more for clothes that are a worse quality, which is annoying haha.
For someone who is trying to not buy too many clothes or spend too much money, I can't justify buying ripped jeans.
So I got my DIY head on!

I had these Topshop jeans that I got a few months back just sitting in my wardrobe that I spotted at a bootsale in my exact waist and length size and couldn't resist as they were only £1!, but they were a bit wasted as I always reach for my trusty Joni jeans instead.
So I thought I would attack them and maybe make myself more likely to reach for them so they get some wear, and even if I failed, I had only really lost a pound!

Step 1

Put the jeans on and into the position that you would wear them, and start marking on the jeans roughly where abouts you want the distressing to be.
I used sticky labels, as this was all I had, but I've heard about people using chalk, as it's easy to apply and wash off.

Step 2Take off the jeans, being careful not to catch the tape (if you used chalk then don't worry about being careful, but I just like to make things harder for myself)
Find a piece of plastic, or THICK piece of cardboard and cut to shape so it will fit inside the leg.
This is so that when you cut into the jeans, it will only go through the front section, and not through to the back!

Step 3

Put your plastic in place, and lined it up with your marks on the inside of the leg (I folded the jeans over by the edge of the plastic so it was easier to see where it ended)
Place the jeans on a sturdy desk, so that you have a nice surface and pressure to work against.

Step 4

Using a Stanley knife start scoring straight horizontal lines across your jeans in the marked areas, making sure not to go too close to any seams or edges.
My Stanley knife was a bit blunt (boo!) so I had to keep going over the same line again and again until it went through the jeans, but hopefully yours won't take that much effort!

Step 5

Through experimenting I decided that I liked to leave about a cm between each line so that they seemed quite defined, and also to have at least three lines in a section, I just like odd numbers though, so maybe that's just me haha.
I also found it the easiest to start with a line in the centre of the markings, and then work my way out slowly getting smaller lines, as you can see in the photograph.

Step 6

Score the lines in the areas you have marked up, remembering to move the plastic or cardboard along the inside of the leg as you go, and then once you are done with one side 
move onto the other leg.
Make sure to roughly get the scored lines parallel with the other leg, so they are some what even.

Step 7

Once you have scored your lines in all the marked places and you are happy with how deep they are, take off the sticky labels, or wipe off the chalk and try them on!
I decided to go back to the jeans when wearing them with a pair of scissors and cut open any lines that were still attached in certain areas, as I liked the way this looked more, but it is really personal preference.

And you are done!Now sit back and admire your handy work and how you just saved yourself some money and recycled some unloved clothes!

I'm really happy with how they turned out!
Most of the shop bought ripped jeans seem to just be one rip at the knee, which I don't particularly like as I just think they look like little ninjas.... just me?
So I'm happy that this DIY allowed me to customise the rips where I wanted them!
I now have some really grungy jeans that I can turn to when I want to edge up an outfit, and now these jeans will get a few more days out into the world!

Hope that this tutorial helped and inspired you to mess with some of your jeans! :D

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