DIY // Valentines Day Cookies

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As it's mine and the boyfriends first valentines, I thought I would spoil him with some cute heart shaped cookies, because I'm a soppy git at heart, and love baking things! :)
So I thought I would document the stages and show you in a little DIY, so if you are interested, keep reading!

This is going to be a very picture heavy and long post, so I'm going to add in a jump break, just in case you want to skip it :D

Lets go!

First of all, get all your ingredients (I cheated and bought a packet mix because it was cheaper than to buy all the separate ingredients) and put them into a mixing bowl.

Slowly mix all of the ingredients together and for a ball of dough.
Divide that dough into as many little balls as you want, or as the instructions say.
I went for 8.

Lay the balls out on a sheet of baking paper, evenly spaced out with enough room and flatten the dough balls.
To get the heart shape, cut a triangle shape out of the top of the circle, and two straight lines at the bottom to form a point, then use your fingers to smooth out the edge.

Do this to all of you little dough balls, and then use the off cuts to create as many more as you can.
Or as a little taste tester for yourself afterwards, like the little disk you can see in the photo!

Put the cookies in the oven for the instructed time and temperature.
(Make sure you grease the baking paper, because I forgot to!)
Mine was 12 minutes on 170c Fan

Once the cookies are done, take them out of the oven and any cookies that have expanded a little, cut the heart shape back again, so it is more prominent.
And obviously eat any bits you cut off...

Place the cookies on a plate to cool, whilst you get the decorating ready!

The Decorating!

Mix icing sugar and slowly add a little bit of water at a time until you get quite a thick paste.
Emphasis on the little bit of water! It can go wayyyy too runny very quickly!
Usually a tablespoon is enough.

Lay the cookies on the baking paper again, and drizzle the icing over one side of all the heart shaped cookies.
I found it best to start from the middle, making a straight (ish) line down the center and then work my way out.

Using the decorating option of your choice, sprinkle over the icing while it is still wet, and gently push them into the icing to ensure they stick properly.
I went with classic coloured sprinkles!

I think they look pretty cute.
They definitely aren't perfect, but the rustic look is always better for me!
And they tasted pretty good too :)

So why not have a go!

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