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I've only had this blog since July, so seven months overall, but I've been an avid onlooker of fashion and lifestyle bloggers for at least three years!
They have been inspiring to read as a reader and a fellow blogger, and I have developed my favourites a long the way.

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Lily Melrose  //  llymlrs.com

Lily was the first ever proper blogger that I came across and lovedShe has a very laid back, and grunge edge to her style, and loves a good monochrome look, which suits my style down to a tee, so I instantly felt like her blog was right for me.
I've probably been a fan of her site for atleast four years, and found her back when I was obsessed with LookBook.nu, and she had long hair!
She now has a very successful Youtube channel aswell, and has also become my favourite female Youtuber!
I just really love how much effort she puts into her videos. blog and photographs, and just always looks so effortlessly stylish and her work being professional and thought through.

Coury Combs  //  fancytreehouse.blogspot.co.uk

FancyTreeHouse was another blog that I found early on in my obsession of online fashion blogs, and I also found her on LookBook.nu
I think I found her around the same time as I found Lily, and have stuck by her as a fan for that amount of time.
Her blog is a lot more Lifestyle based than fashion, with her clothes featuring within the lifestyle posts, instead of being the focus.
A huge part of her blog is documenting her growing family, including her adorable little daughter, who I feel like I've kind of seen growing up... if that's not weird haha.
She is one of those people, that I kind of see myself in. Or maybe just a version of myself I would like to be.
Her life seem so beautiful and laid back, full of pretty little things, where that be in her house, things she makes or where she goes, and I absolutely love her style to bits!
I know for definite that I will be a reader for a long long time to come, as it is just so much fun to read about her life.

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Zoe  //  zoelondon.me

ZoeLondon is more of a recent blog find for me, only finding he about four months ago?
Like a lot of people, I was drawn in by her ridiculously awesome hair, and then realised how much of an inspiring person and blogger she is.
Her blog is a lot more varied, ranging from Fashion, music, hair, food and so much more!
I think my favourite thing about her blog is how much advice she gives.
She regularly gives out very helpful advice around everyday situations, life goals, hair, and the blogging world.
She's stands out quite a bit in the traditional mainstream style that most bloggers follow and it's refreshing and inspiring to see.

I think that it is always good to have people that you look up to in whatever you are doing, as long as you are not outright copying them.
I feel that even thought I am big fans of all of these blogs, that I take inspiration from them, for my own blog, but put a personal spin on my overall look and feel of my blog, as well as the content that I create.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

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