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I've mentioned it quite a few times on the blog, but I am seriously trying to save money.
I have so much desire to move out of my parents house (Because I feel ready, not for any bad reasons) that I haven't been shopping properly at all in 2015, which is quite a bit thing for me haha.
There are a few things that have been keeping me on the right track, and stopping me from spending my hard earned cash too much, and saving it instead, and I thought that I would share them with you as a little blogging tips kind of post!

Tip 1:  
Online Banking

For me this is a must!
I have an online banking account, and within this I have a savings account.
And I use this to my advantage to tempt me away from spending!
I limit what money is in my current account, which can be taken out on my card to as little as I can, and put everything else in my online savings account.
This may seem a little bit scary, almost giving yourself no back up, but it really stops me from spending money when I'm out, as I'm not sure how much I have in the card account, so I don't want to go into my overdraft.
As well as not being able to spend it on my card, being able to see that online savings account, is a real motivator, as when it grows, I feel satisfied with my scrimping, and also excited as I draw closer to my goal! It definitely kicks my mind out of temptation!

Tip 2:  
Say no to eating out

Now I'm not saying COMPLETELY, because we all need a good dose of Nando's every now and then, but what I mean is on a small daily basis scale,
Avoid buying a coffee or drink everyday, or a cake, or buying your lunch.
All of these little things will very quickly add up into quite a large amount of money, and because it is spent in little doses, you don't always notice!
Make a concious effort to take something from home, or if you know you are going to leave the town soon, eat lunch when you get home. Take a bottle of water or squash you made at home with you, so your not tempted to buy some fizzy drink!
Not only will it save you money, but it will probably help you be healthier too!

Tip 3:  
Recycle and Reuse!

Recycling could be perceived in quite a number of different ways.
But I'm going to specify it to clothes.
As someone who is very interested in fashion and clothes and everything pretty that I can wear, The temptation to go and buy loads of clothes when I get paid is very very big.
I've always been quite frivolous with my money, and just buying clothes without really thinking, but since the idea of saving to move out has become my main money priority, I've completely changed my opinion on this.
I see all of the clothes I own as a bit of a waste of money now. especially the ones I don't wear much.
I wish I could time travel back and tell myself to just save it!
But obviously that's not possible, so to make up for it, instead of buying new clothes, I am searching through my wardrobes and digging out some oldies that I can treat as if they are new.
Tricking myself into thinking I've got new clothes is kind of working haha, for now anyway!

Tip 4:  
Have a clear out

Everyone has things in their room that they have forgotten about, don't use or don't need anymore.
So instead of leaving them to collect dust and take up room, why not sell them and get more money?!
It makes complete sense and sounds quite simple, but it is one of those things that takes up more time than you think.
We are all tempted by the easiness of tidying and giving things away for free, but if you really put the effort in you could definitely gain some extra cash!

Tip 5:  

This coincides with the point above.

This things you don't want? Ebay.
Those old clothes that don't fit? Ebay.
Uni Books? Ebay.
The list really is endless, if you don't want it, I bet you someone on Ebay will!

It's free to sign up and you can get 20 free listings a month, with only 10% of the final sales taken from Ebay, which is barely anything.
I really advise you to give it a go, you don't really have much to lose!

So there we go, my five tips on saving money!
I hope that this is helpful for some people, and inspires you to put away your hard earned money rather than spending it!
How do you save your money?
I'd love to hear your tips! :)

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