I have discovered Pinterest....

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So, it's pretty obvious that I am a creative person, you know... with this blog, a YouTube channel and a Fine Art Degree.
Despite this, I have never ventured into the realms of Pinterest, even though I knew that I would probably become obsessed. This was actually the reason that I stayed away, so that I wouldn't spend hours and hours looking on it when I could be doing something else!
Butttttt, I went and did it anyway. Pure self control right there.

Now, I only let myself do it, as I've been trawling the internet lately and looking for ideas of what to make, ideas for how to decorate my flat when I move out (A bit premature, but hey!) and Instead of having a MILLION bookmarks, I thought screw it, lets just get a damn Pinterest!

so, yeah. Exciting stuff!
I'm telling myself that I will only pin things when I stumble upon them, and to not just sit scrawling through Pinterest when I'm bored, as I may just waste my life away.
Give it a week though and I bet I will be doing just that haha.

So far I only have two boards; Home Ideas, and Craft, but I'm sure in time I will expand a bit more and get way too carried away! :D

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