January Favourites

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So this is the first ever monthly favourite I've done on this blog... or ever really.
And I will admit that it is a little bit random haha, but you'll have to get used to this, I usually enjoy the weirdest things the most!

Cadbury's Creme Eggs

First of all, YES THEY ARE BACK, second of all, they are still so yummy!
I'm a bit of a crazed lunatic when it comes to Creme eggs, and every year at Easter I get at least three Creme Egg Easter eggs and am so happy... for about a week and then I want more.
This year, I'm trying my hardest to not buy too many, because of money, and I'm trying to be a bit healthier, and also because of my outrage at the packs of five! (Who else hates this? aha)
But give me a little while and I will probably be addicted again until they disappear for another year and I get withdrawal symtoms!

Jonson's Baby Wipes

Over the past week and a half, I've been getting eye infections, where I wake up and there are just massive attractive puffy things on my face, nice!
Because of this, I've been trying to wear a lot less make up, and when I do, I've been taking it off with baby wipes.
I wanted something really natural and for sensitive skin, that wouldn't irritate my eyes further, and these little wipes were perfect.


Since getting my sewing machine for Christmas I have well and truly caught the sewing bug!
I've been making cushions like a crazy person, and experimenting with different ideas and I really love it :D

Ginger Bread Syrup

Oh god I love this stuff!
Now, I know how this is supposed to be a syrup to go with coffee, and maybe even tea, but I love to mess with the system, and I have been LOVING adding this stuff just to milk.
I hate coffee, yet I wanted a warm drink at work one day, so I tried it in hot milk, and it is amazinggg
It is equally as good in cold milk too, and it is the best thing to have after a cold day out, to come home to a hot ginger bread milk!
(Trust me, you should try it!)


As I haven't been working much over this month as my job won't give me more hours, I have been trying to sell all of the random things in my bedroom I don't need any more on Ebay.
It makes me feel like I'm being more productive with my days, and the extra money is going into the moving out fund, which is getting me excited, looking at it slowly moving up to the target :D
So far, I've made about £80, which I'm really happy with!
The things that I sold where just sitting around, and to think that that could be turned into money is always good!

The Boyfirend

(Prepare for some soppiness, sorry)
January is always the month when everyone is feeling a bit blue, and worrying about money, and what they are doing with their life, and we can all relate to this.
Also cold, so much cold!
Throughout the month I have been enjoying spending my evenings with Dayle, chilling out snuggling up and watching a film, it's the perfect way to get away from all the stress and just focus on the now and enjoy each others company and avoid the cold outdoors as much as we can!
Duvet afternoons are the bestttt! :)

What have you been enjoying in January? 

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