January Scrapbook // (Belated) Month In Review

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January scrapbook

So I decided to start a scrap book as mentioned in this post, and here is my first
monthly post on January's outcome.
It feels a bit weird to be posting about January when it's March tomorrow... but seeing as I had the idea a bit late, I didn't want to just skip a month, so here it is anyway!

January scrapbook lifestyle
January scrapbook lifestyle friends blogger cat

Admittedly it's not the most exciting layout, as I'm still new to this whole scrapbooking thing, but I enjoyed making it :D
I prefer the first page, as it seems to bond together more than the second page, but ahwell!
I think that adding more little collected items, such as tickets, receipts and more layers will allow the whole page to have more of an impact, so this is how I will try to work with the other months :)


Scrapbook details colours
Scrapbook details colours

What do you think of my first attempt?

I'm looking forward to see how my style will change, and I really enjoyed putting
my month down in such a creative way :)

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