Let me introduce you to my cat!

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Who doesn't love animals?
Especially cats if you are as much of a crazy cat lady as me!
So I thought I would properly introduce you to my cat, as she is my favourite little fluff ball and she deserves her own post!

My whole life I have been animal obsessed, and wanted a dog or a cat, and after BEGGING, continuously for yearssss, I finally got my beautiful little poppy for my 21st birthday!
Maybe not the most conventional 21st present, with everyone getting alcohol, money or a nice car... nope, I wanted a cat haha  #Rebel.

I literally answered "Cat" to everyone in my family for months when they asked me what I wanted, so I think they got the idea!
It was a secret until about a week before my birthday when my sister took me 'shopping' to buy me some clothes for my birthday.
I had no idea where we were going, and even when we were walking up the path way of what was obviously not, in the slightest somewhere you could buy clothes, it didn't click.
I was so ridiculously confused though haha, there was chickens roaming around, and huts everywhere, and it wasn't until I saw one little roaming cat that I lost my shit haha.

I remember gasping, nearly crying and just looking at my sister like "REALLY?!" *big grin*
So screw the idea of shopping, I was about to spend a few hours hanging out with cats and choosing the one that I wanted to take home!

Long story short, we saw a lot of cats, but Poppy seemed the most friendly (and was also slightly ginger, PERFECT)
She came right up and sat on my lap and just nuzzled me to death and I was sold!
We had to wait a week until we could pick her up, and the first night she was absolutely terrified and hid behind the microwave completely out of sight and we thought we had somehow lost her haha

We have now had her for 2 and a half years, and I absolutely LOVE her.
She is by far the best present I have ever got, and I enjoy coming home to a little happy fluffy thing that meows to say hello and then follows you around making cute noises :')
She is a funny little thing, and enjoys having mad half hours and rolling about on the floor.
She makes me ridiculously happy and is the best little cat I could have asked for :D
See... I told you I was a crazy cat lady!

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