Lush Bath Bomb // Twilight // Review

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 For Christmas I got a lush gift of three bath products, and I have blogged about the other two, so here is the final review after my bath last night!

This product is definitely a both bomb (I looked it up after the sadness of last time!) and is called:
Twilight: Watch the night unfold.
Aesthetically, the bath bomb is so pretty!
It's pink,with little spots of yellow, and risen shapes of moons and stars. Adorable!
I have a bad sense of smell AND a cold at the moment, so unfortunately I couldn't tell you how it smells. But I'm sure, like all Lush products, it smells amazing.

As you would expect from a bath bomb, as soon as it plopped in the water, it went a bit mental, which is exactly what I wanted!

Bright blue and pink colours started to spurt out from the bath bomb, and create beautiful patterns and fizzing sounds!
The contrast in the colours is so nice to watch!

Eventually (maybe after 5 minutes) the bath bomb has finished its magic, and you are left with lovely purple water and a light coating of pink foamy bubbles.
This is definitely my favourite one of the three products I tried.
The colours are so beautiful, and it made the water so soft and nice for my skin!
Having purple water was really relaxing and made me super content and happy :D

Now that I've ran out of my little Lush present I'm a bit sad.
I really enjoyed looking forward having baths that were a little bit more exciting and
colourful than usual!
I think I will be making a trip to Lush very soon!

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