Valentines Day // Yes or No?

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I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard of valentines day, and that everyone is pretty divided by it.
Personally I've never been against it, and I've never been super excited and planning for it either, if I'm in a relationship then it's all good, and if I'm not then I'm not bothered.
This year, I am very much in a lovely relationship (Soppy-ness; Check!) and it is our first valentines together so we are kinda making an effort  :)
As I work on Saturdays, we are making it a long weekend kinda thing, to make up for the lack of seeing each other on the actual day, and I'm really looking forward to it!

(I'm getting back to the point, don't worry..)
I know that a lot of people can be against valentines day as a holiday, whether that be because they are single, don't believe in it or dislike the consumerism / money making side of it, but I think that it should still be appreciated in a way.
So what if you are single? or don't believe in it, it is just a day, and why not take the time to make someone happy, even if you see it as completely separate from valentines day, and just a random act.
Spend the day with your mum, or nan, or siblings, and show your love in a family way, or even your cat! (This was totally me last year) or why not just treat yourself, I'm sure you deserve it!
Love comes in many forms, and showing appreciation for the people you love can get lost in the hectic everyday schedules and stresses of life, so why not see valentines as a reminder to look to those who you love and show them?

So It's a yes from me for valentines.
I'm not going to buy any useless things, or spend money on the many thing on the seasonal valentines isles, but I'm going to spend time with the people I love, and make hand gifts to show how I care, instead of throwing money at something and not necessarily thinking about it that much.

And I think that this is the way that valentines day should be; being thoughtful, and slowing down to appreciate the love that you have.

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