Week in pictures // 16th - 22nd February

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So this week has been a bit too filled with work for my liking!
As it was half term, there was loads of extra hours going at my work, so I ended up doing six whole days in a row... and only having Monday off.
There were a few times where I regretted that, and wanted to run away, but it's all apart of that saving up to move out idea!

1// As Monday was my only day off, and Dayle also had it off, we decided to go to a shop called Costco with his Nan and Grandad.
Now if you don't know what Costco is, you will probably love it!
It's basically a massive warehouse where you can buy loads of things in bulk and for a quite a bit cheaper.
And there is also loads of little freebie food stools dotted around, and a cheap little cafe at the end!
Hot dog and refillable drink for £1.50?!
It was a nice little chilled out day and it was lovely to get to know Dayles Nan and Grandad a little more :)

I also found an old scrapbook that I had in my cupboard, so thought that I would start one up!
So far I've only done the front page, so I need to get cracking on, but I'm really excited for it :D

2// Tuesday was pancake day, which is one of my favourite things ever because I am sad and love pancakes wayyyy to much!
We did the classic eat no dinner and have as many pancakes as you can.
Of course I went for Lemon and sugar, with some strawberries and raspberries thrown in!

The rest of the week was spent at work during the day, and hanging out with family and Dayle during the evenings :)
The best way in my opinion!

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