Week in pictures // 2nd February - 9th February

by - 10:28

Yummy cake // New hat // Poppy wanting to go outside, but hating the cold

This week, Darren (My sisters Fiance) had his Fireman's Pass out, which means he has now passed all the tests, physical exams and has been accepted into a station to be a full time fireman!
We are all very proud, as he has been working towards it for 8 years! and definitely deserves it!
The pass out included a little demonstration of the kind of things they would be doing, and it was all very thought out and entertaining, and awesome to watch.
And how cute is the photo I took of him and my Sister in the middle :D
Bless them both!

Poppy being annoying when I'm trying to make things // Playing the absolutely crap out of Taylor Swifts album!

I need to start taking more photographs throughout the week, as I do do more things, but I just forget to take photo's, oops!

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