Week In Pictures // January 19th - February 1st

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It's that time of the week again!
This week I've been quite busy (which means I've been a bit slack with the blog, oops!) but I've really had a nice week, so that's good!

Earlier in the week I spent the day with friends, having a little catch up, some food, shopping and most importantly going to see my friend Abe's art work in a local gallery!
I was pretty damn impressed! I already knew he was ridiculously good at painting from Uni, but the fact that he had so many paintings on show!
Very proud friend over here :D

Afterwards we all went for lunch in a Pizza Express, and stuffed our faces a little while being silly and having fun!
Pizza Express dough balls are THE BEST. Nom.
After the meal, we parted down the middle and Me, Rach and Beki went for a nice girly shop in all the cheap shops because we love a bargain, and it was really nice to do this, as it had been so long!
This was the last day that I will be seeing Abe before he goes off to live in the Philippines for a while, so I'm really glad I got to spend some time with him, But so excited for him and also jealous!

On all the other days where I was sitting at home, I've been working on making cushions, as this is a little online business that I want to get up and running!
At the moment I'm practising with gifts for friends and family, including the K and D cushions that I made for my sister and her boyfriend for my sisters birthday.
I'm really happy with how the came out, and am excited to try and make more and push my designs further
She really liked them, so that is always good!
I may do a little tutorial soon, because I enjoy making them so much! :)
cushion presents for everyoneeee!

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