February scrapbook // Month in review

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So here is my February Scrapbook pages!
Just like last month, I am a little bit late, woops.
I think it's because it's one of them things that takes at least an hour and a half to do; printing off the photo's, cutting them out, figuring out the colour scheme and messing with the layout, so it's sometimes hard to find the time to fully commit to doing it.
from now on, I'm going to try and be more organised, and have the months pages finished and blogged by the 5th of the following month.
I've said it now... so I guess I'll have to!

This months I decided to have a mixed collection of things from over the month on the left side, and dedicate the whole right side page to valentines day/weekend, as I have quite a lot of photographs from our cute weekend that I thought it made more sense to show it collectively. 
(plus it looks cute) :D

I'm still not completely happy with how I'm laying the pages out, as I think there is too many blank spaces? so next month I'm going to work on this.
I'm thinking of maybe creating the backgrounds myself, with some water colours, so that it covers the whole page and gives me a staring point, but we will see, as this will take up even more time, even though I would love to!

I'm really happy with the combination of the black and brown paper. It goes really well together and makes the page pop.
I recently bought some washi tape and canvas tape to use for these monthly scrapbooks, but I'm not so keen on how they are looking.
I don't know if it's the colours, or if I'm not using it enough?
So I need to work on this more too!
I decided to add a little round up of what happened over the month list, to go on the pages, as this will be nice to look back on and makes the page more nostalgic and for the memories as well as just images.

Are you ready for the cutesyness?
I went with quite a clichéd hearts and pretty colours theme for this page for obvious reasons, and I really like how it turned out!
I found some Project life print outs online, and am slowly building up a collections, which I can use for scrapbooking. They really add  something to a page, giving break ups of colour in between the photographs, and illustrating the mood or theme of the page.
I think that the washi tape worked a lot better on this page, as the subtle colours and relevant words make it seen as if it was meant for it!


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