Five Blogging tips for beginners

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1 // It's a lot more work than you think!

So it's pretty obvious that running a blog is a lot of work, right? With setting up the site how you want it, finding content that's interesting, taking and editing photographs, and so on!
Well, yes to all of that, but the worst thing for me, has been finding the time!
I basically work full time, and between that and seeing my boyfriend, I find it very hard to do everything that I want to do.
It can be quite frustrating at times, as you think that you can get everything in a certain time frame, yet this and that gets in the way, you get distracted and everything always takes longer than you think it will!
So just remember, don't rush yourself, even if you get annoyed with how slowly you might be setting up your layout, or writing a post, give yourself some credit. You are new to this, and you will soon get into the swing of what you are doing and be busting out posts and a
blog that you can be proud of!

2 // The internet is your best friend

Obviously without the internet, you cannot run a blog.. or even have a blog, so in that respect you  100% need the internet and should already love it!
But what I mean is that the internet is such a useful tool for everyone and everything, so don't forget to use it as much as you can!
I'll let you in on a little secret... when I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing (shhh).
I had a basic knowledge of HTML codes from the Myspace days. (Yes I am in that generation!)
But that was pretty poor anyway, so how did I manage to figure out how to set up a blog?
The internet.I've spent many, many hours sat here at my laptop watching YouTube tutorials, Googling how to do things, looking at other blogs, and just generally researching how to do things in the simplest of ways, and it totally worked!
Besides this, the internet is also very crucial for finding inspiration from other blogs, tumblr, instagram, and so on, as well as networking. But this is more of a further down the line thing, once your blog is up and running, so I will leave this to another post so I don't confuse you beginners :)

3 // Planning. So much planning

For most people, blogging is a part time hobby, which means that it is being juggled along side other things. Because of this, it is so, so crucial to try and plan ahead.
I have a number of notebooks that I either leave at home or carry with me, so I can make up lists and jot down ideas for posts as soon as I think of them.
When I have a day off work during the week, I plan my day the night before so I can make the most of the time and get photo's taken and ready for the week ahead (or at least try)
It's also a good idea to plan what you are going to post on what days for the week ahead, so you don't forget or get distracted. I'm thinking of getting a white board or chalk board weekly planner to hang on my wall so that I can write my blogging plans for the week down, and it be on show as a constant reminder. I think this would also be a good strategy for anyone else who struggles with organisation and procrastination like I do!

4 // It takes time

It won't just happen instantly
You need to put work in to get it back, and that takes time.
You need to put in hours of research, planning, layout building and writing posts, but it will be worth it, and such a learning curve.
I've had my blog for 6 months, and am still in the very, very early stages and have a long way to go, but as long as you genuinely enjoy creating content on your blog, you won't mind the long journey!
I've got to a place where I am (mostly) happy with how my blog looks, and I am writing posts that I am proud of, and I think that that is the most important thing about having a blog!
It is something that you should be proud of.

5 // Prepare to become addicted

I'm not kidding.
Since starting this blog, I'm pretty much thinking about it at least 75% of the time.
Whether that is new post ideas, planning my OOTD's in my head, thinking about what I need to write in that post I've already started and when and where I can take those photographs.
It literally becomes this thought that you can't get out of your head!
I regularly spend my days at work spacing out and thinking about blogging.
(Which is fine because my job doesn't take that much thought)
I constantly think about how when I'm at work for 8 hours, I could be creating interesting posts instead, and often write little ideas that pop into my head onto scrap bits of paper while I'm cleaning some tables or serving coffee.
It might sound a bit obsessive, but it actually gets me through the day.
The job that I am in isn't the best and is definitely not what I want to do with my life, so distracting myself away from it, and thinking about blogging and looking forward to making content keeps me a little bit insane, and I'm sure it will do for you too!

I hope that this post has been helpful and given you a little insight into what to consider when starting up a new blog, or for beginners who already have.
I'd be very happy to start a discussion about these tips and any other points tips that you might have below in the comments!

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