Jamie's Birthday Meal // 16th Birthday

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As I mentioned in my week in pictures post, my little brother turned 16 last week, so I thought I'd show you the photo's as a little lifestyle post, for my benefit and yours!
I'm going to break his birthday up into two posts, as we went for a meal on the Saturday, and to Westfield on the Sunday.
So here is the photographs from the meal!

I always like to take a camera to these kind of things, and take as many pictures as I can of everyone!
I think that sometimes, people take photographs of the birthday person, and forget about everyone else, so the memories and documented photo's can be a bit one sided.
It's always nice to document family life so that you have something to look back on and compare for the future years :)

My mum and sister made him the BEST cake.
Jamie's favourite programme is Adventure Time (He's obsessed!) so they made this cool layered sky and mountains cake, with the characters sitting on the layers :D
It looked so good, and I think he loved it!

Come back tomorrow for the second instalment, and see the photo's from our trip to Westfield shopping centre :D

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