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I recently found myself owning this Rimmel Lip balm without any intention of trying it.
I'd heard about them, and was a little intrigued but I've never been one for lipsticks, or tinted lip balms, as the tomboy that I am, I hated anything on my lips when I was younger, and even though as I've aged my love for make up has grown, it has still stuck with me.
The only reason I tried the product, was because it was part of a deal with Rimmel.
Literally all the make-up I buy is Rimmel, due to my mum's being the same. Monkey see, monkey do!
One day when restocking my make up bag, there was an offer of 3 for 2, and a free Keep Calm And Party lip balm, and I am not one to say no to freebies!
So off I went, with my little bag of make-up and my freebie, with the idea that I wasn't ever really going to use it.
But damn was I wrong!
When I got home, I tried it out, and was really surprised. I expected it to be really thick and kind of tug on the skin? (again this is younger Sam's brain thinking) but it didn't at all. It was a really nice consistency and glided on so nicely.
It's really moisturising, isn't sticky at all.

Now on to the colour!
The product claims to enhance your natural lip colour, which I'm pretty sure it does! I can't say completely, as I've only tried it on myself.
The subtle colour makes for a really toned down look that would be great for everyday or for work.
Something that will add a little bit of interest to your face, but not make you look too done, or like you are going out for the night.
I think that the colour is perfect for spring, and adding a slight girly edge.
There is a range of colours and styles in the lip balms, including:
Keep Calm And Shop, Keep Calm And Kiss, Keep Calm And Rock, Keep Calm And Play.
They range from nudes to pinks to purples, and I'm intrigued to try a few more out!

The packaging is really vibrant and fun looking, and would look so nice on a shelf or vanity desk, all together looking funky!

What do you think of the Keep Calm Lip Balm range?
What one would you recommend?

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