Sorting out my YouTube channel

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The other day I researched what made your account eligible for customisable thumbnails... because I thought it was a really important thing, that needed 100 subscribers or 1000 likes or something annoying, but it turned out all I needed to do was verify my account which was stupidly easy.
Silly me.
So, this evening I set myself the task of photoshoping up some thumbnails and adding them to all my videos, no more weird faces and random thumbnails for me! YAY.

I'm not really sure what look I'm going for at the moment, so I thought I would keep it simple.
There is a pastel theme going on, and white everywhere, so lets just stick with that for now!

I like how much more professional it makes my page look, which is always goooood!
Now I just need to find the time to film some more.
My job annoyingly always seems to get in the way though. sighhh.

If you would like to visit my channel to watch my videos click HERE
Thank you! :D

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