Spring Pastels // Outfit

by - 17:26

Spring is slowly making it's way to us, and it's starting to effect how I dress already.
I love pastel coloured dressing all year round (My Purple coat was my best friend this winter) but I especially love mixing different pastel hues together in the spring and summer.
I think that it is quite simple styling, but can look so sophisticated and put together, as well as looking really cute and girly.

About two years ago I totally had a phase of wearing collars under everything and I haven't done it in a long time, and I'm not sure why.
But today I was just feeling it! The white collar poking out adds another light and pastel-like accessory to the whole outfit, which just draws it all together a little bit and stops it looking too thrown on and casual.
I'm definitely gonna raid through my wardrobe to see what other forgotten collars I have!

I don't yet have any really pastel jeans, but these light blue Joni jeans are good enough for me!
I'm keeping an eye out for some really light purple jeans with rips in the knees... because I would go mental to own some jeans like that!

What do you think of pastel dressing?
Is it your style?

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