Vertical flowers // Outfit

by - 08:30

Another outfit post, how exciting!
I wore this the other day, when it was too rainy outside to take pictures, so I went back to my trusty location in my bedroom.
The lightings not as good, and overall it's not as exciting, but it will have to do.

It's quite a standard outfit really. High waisted shorts, pretty shirt worn cropped, and my favourite fedora to polish the whole thing off.
I seriously love how much it just pulls an outfit together and instantly gives this fashion forward festival vibe. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that look!

I got the shirt from a charity shop years ago, for a few pound, but it was originally from Primark.
I love how bright the colours are and the vertical flower designs brings a whole 
new idea to wearing stripes!
I really like the contrast between the bright colours and the crisp white shirt, which goes perfect with other dark clothing, so the shirt is the focus.
Like my last outfit, I also decided to knot it at the waist so that it became a crop top.
I can't get enough of doing this haha. It's just so simple to do and really makes the outfit.

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