Week in pictures // 16th - 22nd March

by - 23:38

This was another week of spending too many days at work for my liking, so I didn't actually 
get to have much of a social life! (booo)
But I did get up to a few things! :D

Saturday night my friend Beki had a birthday party at her flat, and of course it was Disney themed, like all birthdays should be!
Which meant a bunch of semi grown adults dressing up in silly clothes and singing Disney songs!
I spent any free time in the evenings during the week making mine and Dayles costumes, and I'm quite proud of them. I didn't want to spend too much on a ready made costume, so took a little trip to Primark and bought the cheapest green and blue things I could find and made up a little DIY.
I'm going to being showing you the process of how I made them in a little DIY post soon on here if you are interested :D

The only other thing that I took a picture of this week, was this amazing chocolate specimen!
For my whole life I have loved kinder eggs, and for my whole life I have wanted a kinder Easter egg.
I'd heard of ones in Japan, but that was never going to happen.
And then the other day Dayle only found this one in Tesco and bought it for me!
Obviously the Batman version for boys was more suited to me than Polly pocket... screw you gender stereotypes!
But now I have to wait until Easter Sunday to eat it... but I'm ridiculously excited aha.

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