Week in pictures // 23rd February - 1st March

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So it's another long week working a lot, so I don't have much to show you again (booo!)
I really hope this months pay is worth it!
Despite being at work pretty much everyday, I did manage to spend my evenings very nicely with the boyfriend, and today, for a chilled out Sunday off!

1 // Earlier in the week, we went for a nice little meal out to a kind of local Chinese all you can eat restaurant, to celebrate 10 months together (awhhhh).
It was really nice to just chill and be a customer for once, instead of serving food!
We definitely ate our share of yummy food, and enjoyed each others company while doing so :)

2 // I do love a good dog walk!
Walking through the woods with Dayle, holding hands, and an excited Alfie running around sniffing everything and wanting you to throw every stick!
He is literally the cutest dog, and I just enjoy how relaxing and pretty it is.

3 // Today was Dayle's Dad's 50th birthday, so we were in charge of dinner, and made a lovely roast to celebrate!
I'll be honest... I didn't do much to help haha, but I offered, promise :D
It was so yummy, and I'm proud of Dayle's roast skills!

I can't believe that it is March already!
There are quite a few things I am looking forward to in March, so hopefully these weekly photos will get a little more interesting! 

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