Week in pictures // 9th - 15th March

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This week has been a little bit crazy!
I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get so much done, and it has taken a toll on this blog, meaning I didn't even post at all last week. Oops.
But, I had good reason! It was my brothers Sixteenth birthday, so I was rushing around getting his presents ready, and making things for him. Which took up a lot more time than I expected!

As it was such a busy week, I didn't have time to set up my camera and take outfit photo's, so I did some cheeky quick mirror versions, in my bedroom and in Tesco's haha.
It's not quite as exciting as proper fancy photo's, but I still tried!
I was definitely feeling the spring vibes this week as the weather started to warm up!

Even though I didn't post anything on the blog this week, I was still working on it! 
just behind the scenes.
I managed to set up my own domain name, which means instead of this blog being blogspot.com, it is now an official  .co.uk! which is exciting!
It sounds like something that would be quite easy, but I got so confused and it literally took days for me to figure it out haha.
I also made it my mission to make all of my blogging related profile pictures all the same, to make them all tie in a seem a little more professional.


As I mentioned earlier, Jamie my (not so anymore) little brother turned 16.
It's so weird to think of him being that old. I can remember him being so small.
Time really does fly so quickly!
We all went out for a meal at a pub called The anchor the night before his birthday, 
and it was so nice!
We had our own little section, where we set up balloons and table confetti, and the 
waitresses were so nice and patient with us.
We all ate yummy food, messed around and reminisced about Jamie growing up!
Look at how good the Adventure time cake was that mum and Kay made him!

On Jamie's actual birthday, the four of us, My sister, birthday boy, cousin Jack and me, all went to Westfield shopping centre for a shopping day out!
We went for a giraffe lunch, which was AMAZING
And spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops and just chilling out together and having fun :)

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