Week in pictures // March 23rd - 29th

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Hello again!
It's Sunday night, which means it's time for another weekly round up in photographs and a look back at my last seven days.
And I'm sorry to say, but it's a bit disappointing again (oops)
I'm really struggling to remember to take photographs of my week!
I totally still (and will always) blame the amount of time I am stuck at work. It's annoying to spend 8 hours a day 4/5/6 days a week working when I could be making memories or working on my blog, but unfortunately, everyone needs money!

I do have three photo's to show you though.

The first is of Alfie, my boyfriends dog. He's all snuggled up sitting on my legs while we are under the covers, so cute!
The second was a ridiculous cake we found on one late night Tesco trip. It's a cookie cheese cake with a mallow top. Yes, you heard me. It was yummy!
I quickly took a little late night Sunday selfie, kind of for the purpose of this blog haha.
Scruffy hair and no make up is how most I like to blog. Comfy-ness everywhere!

What else I got up to:

Blogging! I upped my blogging game this week, and managed to be more organised and bashed out four blog posts (this will be my fifth!). Not bad, not badddddd.
Walking Dead night at our house, many evenings at Dayle's catching up on TV and chilling.
Saturday night we went to a little party at one of Dayle's friends Jack's house to celebrate his girlfriend moving in, which is so cute!
And today we went for a little trip to B&M and Aldi, which are like my two favourite shops!

I've also tried hard this week to up my social media / networking game, and have been self-promoting on Instgram and Twitter to try and create more traffic to this blog.
It seems to be working at least a little bit, and I'm slowly getting used to doing it.

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