Hair Plan // Final thoughts!

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So over the last three weeks I have been sharing posts about my thoughts behind what I want to do with my hair. (Hair history / Cut / Colour)
I'm very bored of how it is at the moment, and really want a change, so I've been putting my thoughts on this blog to make up my mind!
So here I am... making up my mind haha.

So I've looked over the previous posts, and have decided to just be brave for once!
So what if I have roots? so what if I stand out more than I'm used too? so what if I cut it and don't like it that much?
It is only hair, it will grow back and I am only 23!
Best to do it now than when I'm too old, right?

as you can tell by the above photo, I have chosen:

Cut:  Lob length, and a slight tidy up of my fringe (but not too much as I still want to grow it out!)
Colours:  Bright blonde! because I've always been curious!
Extras:  Purpleeeeeee! Once I'm happy with the cut and blonde colour and let it settle for a bit, I am going to take the purple plunge.
I will probably use semi-permanent at first, just in case, and so it can fade, but if I like it
I will keep it :D.

I'm actually really excited to do this haha.
I just need to book the appointment with the hair dresser and buy the hair dye!
Woop woop!
I will update with another post, don't worry :D 

Do you think I made the right choices?
Let me know!

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