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So I've been having a bit of a hair mare lately. It has got wayyyy too long, and just droopy and eh.
I have this kind of contradicting love hate relation ship with my hair, where I want it to be edgy and messy, but also sleek and straight... and I want to have nice mermaid-like long hair like other people do, so I try to grow it out, and I love fringes/bangs, so I cut them back in again. Both ways always end up annoying me eventually and always like to be unruly.
I guess the problem stems from my laziness. I'm a bit too laid back for my own good sometimes, and am definitely someone who can't be bothered to do much with my hair.
Which is fine, if it did what I wanted it to!
I like the way bangs suit me, but they take a long time to get right in the morning, and I like how I can keep a grown out fringe out of my eyes, yet when I wear it down it looks a bit too flat and lifeless?
First world problems, I know!

To help me with this dilemma I thought I'd do some hair related posts to get me thinking about what I want. I'm going to break it up into two or three posts, starting with this one: my hair history!

It's time to analyse the different styles I have had and which ones I did and didn't like.
So here goes!

Full Fringe

A full fringe has always been my go to hair style, almost a little bit too much.
I think that it suits me, but it also acts as too much of a comfort blanket, almost like I used to hide behind it? if that makes sense.
From the age of 13 I've gone back and forth between growing it out to cutting it back in again too many times for me to count, and I'm half way through that stage right now.
I kind of see it as a mental challenge. Do I have to will power to grow it out properly?
Probably not, as I'm writing this post, which means I'm debating new hair styles, which means I'm bored of growing it out haha.
I know for definite though, that if I do get a fringe, I don't want a full one, and I don't want it too thick, so at least I've learnt a little bit!

Medium + Ombre'd

I ombre'd the ends of my hair probably about two years ago now, and I was really pleased with how it came out! Technically I still have this in my hair now, but it's just a lot more grown out so it's less noticeable.
I really liked the length that my hair was here. It wasn't really on purpose, because I was just growing it out from when I cut it all off really short the year before (see further down). It looks so much more healthier, and it has more of a style to it, rather than just being long and a bit messy like it is now.
I think that this kind of length is flattering on most people, and almost shows a bit of confidence, as you aren't hiding behind your hair.
This will probably be the kind of length that I get it cut too :)

Purple Dip Dye

Having purple dip dye was so much fun!
This was using Bleach London's bruised purple wash in and wash out dye. It faded to a blue/green colour, which was unexpected, but any kind of dip dye is fun :D
I really like how having colour in your hair can spice things up a bit. It gave my whole look have more of a punk vibe, and just made me feel more funky!
I still have some of this left, so maybe I should do it again one more time before I do cut my hair!


About 3 years ago, I took the plunge and dyed my hair a completely different colour than what  had ever had it. I've always been blonde, and I just really fancied a change!
At first, it was maybe a bit too dark, as you can see in the left picture. But the drastic change gave me a lot of confidence and was interesting to experiment with!
As time went on, I slowly started dying it with lighter brown colours, and I think that this suited me a lot better (Right). So I learnt here that maybe I'm a bit too pale for dark hair? but it was fun trying it out!

Really Short // Pink

And then there was the time where I cut my hair pretty much ALL off and dyed it pink...
At the time, I kind of liked this hair. The length again was a drastic change and gave me confidence as I had the balls to do this. I think that the length was okay, but it was more the length with the fringe I didn't like.
The hairdresser who cut it cut the fringe wayyy to blunt and it didn't look right, so I always pushed it to the side to make it less harsh. If I had a grown out fringe, the same length as the hair, I think I would have liked it a lot more.
I'm probably never going to cut my hair this short again though, as I just like having longer hair more :).
When in the staged of still experimenting with my little bob, I used some wash in wash out pastel pink in it. Again, I think the cut itself didn't really work with this, but I really enjoyed having pink hair! Maybe I should go pink again?

What hair style do you think suits me more?
Or do you prefer how it is now?
I would love some feedback to help me, please!

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