Hair plan // Part three // Colour inspiration

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Hello again!
Here is part three in my hair plan series, and this time I will be talking about the colour in which I want to go.
Again, I have quite a few ideas, as I am annoying such an indecisive person, but it's all just making it a little bit easier for me to make up my mind as I analyse them all.

Red Hair

For about five years now I have had the urge to dye my hair red. Any shade if I'm honest, from bright orangey reds thanks to Hayley Williams or dark red because of Demi Lavato.
As I have got older, I have grown out of the wanting orange tones faze and full on embraced the need for dark red hair!
I think it is such a bold thing to have and will make me feel more confident (as long as I like it...)
Red gives off this grunge vibe that I love, and it is just so much more interesting than my natural hair colour!

Bright Blonde

I've had lighter blonde hair before, about three years ago (look at my part one in this series to see) and I kind of miss it!
I only had highlights, and they were more of a natural blonde than a really light blonde, but I still really liked the colour. The only thing that annoyed me was the way highlights could sometimes look.
I really hated that streaky lined effect that you sometimes got, because of low lights and highlight and your natural colour not blending properly.
If I did go blonde, I would probably use a box dye and do the whole hair one colour.

Pastel Purple

Blimey do I love pastel hair!
It just looks so freaking good, it's the perfect mix between girly and grunge and I WANT IT.
This would probably be something that I would do if and after I dyed my hair a light blonde, as with my current hair colour it just wouldn't work.
I've had a dark purple before in my hair, and really liked that, but I just know that I will like pastel purple so much more!
The only problem with this colour, is I would be worried about how it would fade, but I guess I will just have to find that out.

Ombre (again)

I've already had the Ombre hair style before, and I technicaly have it right now, but It is just reallyyyy grown out!
When I had my medium hair I really liked how the ombre'd style looked.
The temptation to play a bit safe and get ombre again is mainly because of how lazy I am.
all the other colours would mean having to dye my roots often and would be extra money.
Where as getting ombre would mean I wouldn't have to keep touching up my roots!
But then again I have this little voice in my head saying 'sammm, you are still quite youngggg, do what you wanttt, it's just hairrrr'
And I don't know what to listen to!

What do you think I should go for?

This is the last inspiration part in the hair plan series, So it is decision time!
I'm going to re-look back over my thoughts and then decide!
Once I have made up my mind I will post a 'final plan' post, and them hopefully some time after that, I will post an 'I DID IT' kinda post :D

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