Hair plan // Part two // Style inspiration

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Last week I posted about my hair history as part of a series I'm doing to help me decide what I want to do with my hair next!
This is the second part in that series, where I am going to talk about the style of hair that I am liking, and show some inspiration, to get me thinking about it!
The best way to get you thinking is to find photos and analyse it ridiculous too much, right?
Lets go!

Messy fringe

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a sucker for a fringe, especially if it looks effortless and messy! I love the whole messy grunge look and really wish that I could rock it!
Emma Stone and Suki Waterhouse, are both two of my big hair crushes.
Those fringessss, geeze!
I like how the messiness carries on throughout the rest of their hair, with loose messy curls.
It looks so effortless and like they have have just woken up with perfect messy hair, yes pleaseeee!

Medium length hair and center part

This is the kind of hair that I have dreamt about for years.
I just think it looks so casual and cute as well as looking like the easiest hair to maintain.
I am all about the easy laid back hair!
My fringe is currently just the tiniest bit too short to tuck behind my ears, so it always seems to flop in front of my face when I put it in a centre parting, as it's not long enough yet.
Which leaves me with the choice of do I let it grow out for longer to get this nice centre parting look, or do I give up and cut the fringe back in?
I like how hilary Duff's hair in the picture looks, where she has a few layers it seems to fall nicely.
But that may be because she knows how to curl her hair all nicely, which I don't haha.

Thin Fringe

 I have loved Sienna Miller's hair and style since I was about 12. She always just looks so effortless and her hair looks perfect!
If I was going to get a fringe cut back in, I would go for the thin fringe for definite.
I really like the centre parted fringe look, and would like to think that it would suit me!
And if it didn't sit right for some days, I could sweep it to the side like in Emma Stone has.
The only problem with this, is that my current grown out fringe, is quite bulky, so if I got a thin fringe cut in, I would have the longer bits still hanging around, which might look a bit strange.
Can I just somehow pick up Sienna's hair from this picture and plonk it on my head please!

The Lob (Long bob)

The 'Lob' is so fashionable right now, and I can't help but love it a little bit.
It looks so chic and effortless (see a pattern yet?) and I want itttttt
After I cut my hair short, which I mentioned in the previous hair post, and it had grown out to this length, I really really liked it!
It sat nicely and looked healthy.
I think it's a nice middle ground between having short hair, where you look brave and have a style, yet it's still long enough to do things with it.
I've adored Fearne Cotton's hair for years and when she cut it like this, I loved it even more!
Again though... my half grown out fringe kind of gets in the way of this style... Damn.
But maybe I could make it work somehow?

Which style do you like the most?
I still can't decide!

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