Kinder Easter egg unboxing // Batman edition

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Hello lovely people :)
So I am aware that this is probably a bit of a strange post, and maybeeee just a bit late, but I thought I would do it anyway!
For Easter my lovely boyfriend got me this Kinder Easter egg, where the prize inside was a Batman toy. This might sound a bit boring to you, but to me it's pretty damn exciting!
Kinder eggs are one of my favourite kinds of chocolate, and every year I moan about how they don't have an Easter egg version. The boyfriend knew fully well about this, so when he saw this lying in Tesco's one day, with a Batman toy include (FYI I love Batman!) he knew that I would love it!

So I thought I would do a little un-boxing of the Egg, because I was really excited and wanted to kind of keep the memory.
Hopefully this will be interesting to other people and not just me haha.
I decided to photograph the stages of the egg in a birds eye view way, to highlight the sections and to show the progression... and I just think it looks cool :D

Pretty cool, right?
It tasted soooo good, and I now have a little batman to add to my room.
Yay for nerdy chocolate!

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