March Favourites

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As promised, I'm alternating between monthly favourites and monthly wishlists. So March is the turn of the favourites! 

1//  James Bay

I first saw James Bay live about four or five months ago, when he supported Nina Nesbitt on her tour, and instantly loved his music!
Since then I have been searching for him on YouTube every now and then to have a little listen, and really enjoying it.
Over the past two-ish months, he's really started to get big, and is constantly on the radio and music channels, which has made me want to listen to him even more!
Over the course of March, I have been listening to him pretty much every day, and I'm still no where near bored! He release his album 'Chaos and the calm' last week and I'm excited to hear the new songs on it that I haven't heard yet.
Need to go and buy it this week!

2//  Melted chocolate

This isn't really just a March favourite... but kind of a life favourite haha.
For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred melted chocolate. There is just something about it that to me, makes it taste so much better.
Seeing as Easter is here now, (Happy good Friday!) I'm going to be getting quite a few Easter eggs and chocolate and cannot wait to melt some of them and enjoy melted chocolate even more :D

3//  Simple moisturising facial wash

I'm not the kind of person who has a massive night or day facial routine. I'm quite simple (get it...) when it comes to make up and looking after my skin, and don't like to complicate things.
for Christmas I got the Simple moisturising facial cream, which I had never used before and I've been testing it since then to see if I like it.
It's a nice texture and works wonders on my dry skin, especially as it is extra dry in the winter.
I've been using every other day, mainly because I forget or get too lazy once im snuggled up in bed.
But I've seen an improvement in my skin and would definitely recommend it!

4//  Red checked scarf

If you follow this blog or my Instagram, you will probably know that I have lived in my Primark red checked scarf since November. It's the perfect size and warmth, as well as being such a nice compliment to my style.
The reason it is featuring in my March favourites, is because I have been trying to wear it as much as I can before the cold weather goes away and I can't wear it anymore!
I've grown a little bit too attached to it, and am quite sad to have to leave it in the cupboard for a year.
I'm still going to wear it for at least two more weeks thought, I'm not ready to part ways just yet!

5//  Black high top Converse

This favourite is another thing that I got for Christmas and love (thanks nan!)
Now that the days are getting a little less wet, they have been sneaking into my outfits a bit more often. I like how they remind me of being Fifteen years old and give my simple outfits a casual and grungy edge.
I can't wait for the weather to get even better so I can wear them with bare legs and shorts!

6//  Twitter

As I mentioned on the blog the other day, I've been really trying to up my social media networking to promote this blog, which includes Twitter.
I had got to a point where I didn't really use Twitter anymore, and had lost interest, but whilst promoting my blog, I have also started to enjoy tweeting on a personal level again.
As well as tweeting myself, I've found it really interesting to look through the blogging hash tags and accounts to see what other bloggers are up to and find new interesting blogs to follow!

What have you been enjoying this month?
Do you like my choices?

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