OOTD // Casual Shopping Outfit

by - 18:23

I am really loving this sunny weather!
I've been stuck at work all week watching people enjoying the sunshine while I was clearing up after them, so I wanted to make the most of my day off by dressing summery and embracing it.
Cue my floral kimono!
Kimonos have a tendency to be a bit too dressy for everyday wear, and I was only going shopping. So I dressed it down to make it more casual with some skinny high waisted jeans, a band tee and some classic converse.

I really like the tassels on this kimono, at first it was a bit of a drastic buy, as my style isn't really thrilly, but they are so fun!
Just be careful... as they kind of get stuck on everything.
The warmer it is getting I'm going to get back into my habit of wearing a band tee and converse with everything instead of shoving jumpers over the top of all my t-shirts.

As I went shopping with my little brother, I took full advantage of him and he took these photos!
I'm still a bit reluctant to pose in public so I thought that the top of the parking lot would be a good idea for this little outfit shoot.
It worked out quite nicely, and I only had one old couple really confused about what I was doing haha
Yay to not too much attention!

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