Outfit // The Beatles and patterns

by - 08:58

It is officially no longer coat or scarf weather in England... or at least for this week!
It felt so weird waking around today without a proper jacket, and still being too warm.
I pulled out some thin patterned trousers that I bought from New Look ages ago, as I thought they would be nice and airy as well as comfy. always a good combination for this kind of weather.

I found it a bit hard to find a top to go with this outfit, as I knew I wanted to wear this light weight lace style cardigan, but patterned tops wouldn't go because of the trousers, and neither would black or grey... which is pretty much my whole wardrobe.
In the end I settled on this Beatles top, it was the right amount of white but not boring and I think it sits quite well with the rest of the outfit.
What do you think?

The return of squinty eyed Sam in all of my outfit photos is returning... my eyes suck when it 
comes to the sun.
So expect a lot of sun glasses and squinty facial expressions from now on!

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