Scrapbook month in review // March

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Remember how last month I said that I was going to try and get these monthly scrapbook posts done and up within like... the first five days of the month?..... well it's the 20th today.
Big, big woops. (Help me I'm getting worse!)

My excuse is not having the time to sit down and finish something in one go, I did this month in about four different sittings, as I'm either working, blogging, seeing Dayle or trying (emphasis on the trying) to make and edit a Youtube video.
But I finally finished it today, so thought I would share it, even if it is nearly the end of April too!

Quite a bit happened in March, My little brother Jamie turned 16 so we had a meal and a day out for him. It was my friend, Beki's birthday, so she had a Disney themed fancy dress party!
I went and saw Chappie at the cinema. If you were wondering, it was amazing.
Alfie and Poppy were being especially friendly. Animal cuddle are the best :D
I upped my blogging game, and started have one profile picture for all my platforms.

It was a really nice month!


I think my scrap booking skills are improving and I'm really liking how March looks!
I managed to gather a lot more scrap items this month, especially on the second page, and I think this really adds to the page and makes it feel more unique and personal.
I also painted up a background to make the whole page feel like it flows and added pops of colour with the washi tape to tie it all together!

Hopefully April will be a little more on time!

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