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I have been quite busy this week, with working and seeing family and the boyfriend for Easter, that I haven't had time to finish my posts.
I have a few lined up that I am working on, but haven't been able to take the photographs, or double check everything before I post.
Because of this, I thought I would do a quick little post just to keep you tying over until the others are ready!
There are a lot of bloggers and YouTubers who love a good ol' tag!
Personally, I think they can be entertaining and give you an insight into the creator, but can also be a bit of a rushed idea or a space filler for when ideas are lacking, which isn't the most creative blogging ever.
....So I'm going to do a tag! (hah... look at me contradicting myself)
I know, I know... but I think that as a rare thing, tags can be good, and interesting.
So here is my first ever tag, and the first of not many; The Lifestyle blogger tag.

When did you start blogging and what made you start?

I started blogging last year, in *checks* July. I started after I had finished my final year of University and had had a couple of months rest after all the stress.
I'd always liked the idea of running an online site or blog, and had been a regular reader of fashion and lifestyle blogs for about four years, as well as a regular watcher of YouTubers, and I found the idea interesting and a challenge.
I had been thinking about it throughout my final year of Uni, but didn't want it to get in the way of my degree, so decided to put it off. Blogging always seemed like such a creative outlet, (I studied fine art) and I really like how even though I couldn't find the perfect art job that I wanted, and couldn't be creative on a daily basis, blogging let me do exactly that. I soon became addicted and have fallen in love with creating posts! 

How did you come up with your blog’s name?

My blog name is my first and my middle name; Sammi Leanne
It's quite a common thing in the blogging world to use your first and middle name, as it's usually unique and personal to you. I really wanted something that would be relevant even if I changed my blog style of audience further down the line, something that would always be
universal yet relate-able.

Who is your favorite lifestyle blogger?

My favourite blogger is a close call between LLYMLRS and ZoeLondon, but Zoe definitely fits into the lifestyle bracket a lot more.
I love how diverse her content is, yet you can tell it's her, as she puts her own spin and take on it all.
The fact that her bright blue hair is so recognisable probably helps a lot, but I really do love her blog.
She is very inspiring as a growing my blogger, and I especially love her advice blogs, Role model material right there!

Where do you get your inspirations for posts from?

The inspiration for my posts comes from my life!
I think that being true to yourself is what makes a goof lifestyle blogger. Sharing with your viewers what is going on in your life, your thoughts, what you have been watching, reading, lusting over and what you are interested in can be so interesting to people in this media and sharing heavy society that we live in.
I also get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, and people in general.
I'm desperately trying to show my personality through my blog, and not just churn out copycat posts, but it's quite hard to do as a part-time blogger, when I'm juggling so many other things in my brain!
But I'm working on showing the other sides of my personality that haven't been seen yet :)

What was your first blog post about?

My first post was a little introductory number, called 'So hello' briefly saying who I was, my interests and what I planned on doing with this blog.
You can read it here if you like!

What are you favorite things to write about?

My favourite kinds of posts to put together are fashion / outfit posts.
I love the process from choosing something out, making it work, to photographing it, editing and then explaining my thoughts behind the look. It's the kind of posts that I enjoy reading on other people's blogs the most, so I enjoy creating them too.
But my favourite blog posts to write are definitely advice posts.
I haven't written too many yet, but I'm really drawn to the idea of helping others through having a blog and inspiring them to create their own content to be proud of.
Advice posts hold this whole other level of interest to me, they seem deeper and more honest, which I adore.

What advice would you give to a lifestyle blogger who’s just starting out?

I wrote a helpful post a couple of weeks on 'Five blogging tips for beginners' which you can have a look at if you want!
But another piece of advice that I would give is to start as early as you can. I had the thought of starting a blog for years and always put it off, but now I wish I had just gone for it.
The earlier you start the more chance you have of getting better and established quicker in your life, which is always good!

Is there anything you wish you could change about your blog?

I would love to have more people read my posts, but that's not the main thing for me, as I just enjoy making content.
There is a few things that I want to change about how my blog looks, but I will get around to it eventually!

Recommend 2 fellow lifestyle bloggers.


Who would you tag next?

Everyone who wants to! :D

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