Week in pictures // 20th - 26th April

by - 16:35

It's that time of the week again!
So here is my week in pictures, I worked a lot this week, but managed to make the most of my Friday, Saturday and Sunday off :D

Random pictures first, here are some selfies of me enjoying the sunshine and wearing my hair in a side plait, and some flying saucers because they are my favourite sweets!
I've had a big box of them since my birthday last year from the boyfriend, and I am slowly working my way through them haha.

I had the Friday off of work, so me and my friend Beki took a trip to Harlow and enjoyed the sunshine and shopping.
We had lunch at Nandos and had a cheeky ice cream :D
It was a really good day and I really enjoyed myself!

Seeing as tomorrow is mine and Dayle's one year anniversary we've made sure we have a long weekend together, so far we have had yesterday and today, and we also have Monday and Tuesday off together :D
We've been hanging out, with shopping yesterday, cuddling up to Alfie and enjoying the nice spring weather!

We also enjoyed our time off today by going for a morning dog walk with Alfie, which is always lovely, catching up on TV programmes and baking some rock cakes, which were obviously delicious!

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