Week in pictures // 29th March - 05 April

by - 22:40

I've been spending a lot of time at Dayle's this week, as the long weekend means that I can stay over, which also means hanging out with his dog Alfie and going for walks :D
Alfie is the kind of dog that loves to sit on you and in any spot available near you as he just loves being near humans, which end up with some funny outcomes!

Alfie sitting next to me (see what I mean!) and keeping me company while I edit some photos for the blog!
Outfit details; stripes and checks.
Slush puppy cravings stopped... for now!

Easter Sunday was spent at my house today.
We had family round for a nice big roast, and exchanged eggs and gifts :)
Usually we have more family down, but they couldn't make it this year because of car troubles (boo!)
But it was still a nice evening, filled with TV, many puddings and trying hard to put some video's on disc for my sister and failing haha.
Family evenings are the best!

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