Week in pictures // 6th - 12th April

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This week has gone super quick, but it has been a nice one :).
The sun has been shining, The flowers are blooming, and the good vibes are hard to ignore, so here is what I  have been up to in the sun for the last seven days!

On Monday, seeing as it was a bank holiday, me and Dayle wanted to do something a little different, so we got up early(ish) and went out for breakfast.
There is a new Whetherspoons in our town and I hadn't yet been in there. Dayle had, and liked their breakfasts, so we decided to give it a go :).
I had a fried breakfast, which was ridiculously yummy, and Dayle had pancakes and maple syrup, which was also very nice :D
Whetherspoons is such a good place for cheap food in price, but still very enjoyable and good to eat!
It was lovely to get out and sit by the window in the sun and enjoy a morning out with each other :)

I had Thursday off of work, so I decided to treat myself and Jamie to a day out in Harlow.
We looked around the shops, had some cheeky Nandos for lunch and enjoyed the sun.
We also got a cola slush puppy each, as in my eyes, good weather NEEDS a slush puppy!
I made the most of being able to dress more summery (Outfit post here) and spending time with Jamie and messing around like we do best.

My sister and her boyfriend went away for a few days over the weekend, which meant that their lovely cat Bruce needed feeding.
If you didn't know already, I love cats so freaking much!
Especially Bruce, as he is such a friendly old cat and has an adorably massive head and purrs so loudly that he is hard not to fall in love with!
It's always nice to hang out for a few hours just cuddling cats :D

And finally, a few randoms from the week;
Using some free time to do some scrapbooking.
Picking some daffodils from the side of the road and displaying them in my new Primark mug :D
Enjoying the sunshine on my break at work!

What else happened this week:
I got my first blog related retweet on Twitter :D
And I got my most hyped look on Lookbook (119 so far), and have reached 105 Fans :D
Which are both so so exciting!
(Now I just need to get them over to my blog haha)

I'm really glad that I started doing these weekly overlooking posts, they are such a nice way to look back on what's happened during the week. It's so easy to forget in the hectic-ness that is life, but it's so important to see and appreciate the things that you do have :).
Have a good week everyone!

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