Week in pictures // April 13th - 19th

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I'm a bit delayed with this weeks photo review, as working all day yesterday, and going straight to Dayle's for dinner and staying over leaves no time for blogging, oops! (Don't regret it though :D)
So here is lasts weeks little week in pictures!

Tuesday was my nans 77th birthday!
Bless her, she doesn't seem that old at all, I guess you don't really think about it that often, but she looks damn good for her age! :)
Seeing as Jamie was off for the Easter holidays and I wasn't working, we had a little trip to Sainsburys to get some food and headed to nans to spend the day with her.
We bought some nice rolls and some cakes to eat, as well as a bunch of flowers and a card.
Everyone else had the same idea, as nans front room was filled with flowers (forgot to get a photo, oops) from people for her birthday. Cuteee!

Thursday was another say where everyone seemed to be off, me and Jamie as before, and then mum and dad had the day off too!
So we managed to convince them to have a day out in Harlow and get Nandos for lunch :D
This is quite a big thing for my dad, who hates spending money on something that he thinks he can make at home... but I think he was pleasantly surprised!
While we were over Harlow I also changes my phone contract and got a new phone, as my old contract was running out.
I went for a Samsung S 4 mini, and it is pretty snazzy.
It's not the latest Samsung, as I would rather pay a little less and just have an average phone, than pay loadssss, because saving for the future and all that!

I spent Friday with my two besties :D
We finally managed to get a day that we could do (unfortunately Soph couldn't come :/ ) as where we all have different jobs we struggle to all have the same days free.
We went shopping in Stevenage, wandered around and then saw Cinderella at the cinema :D
It was your typical cheesy Disney film, but I can't help but love it!
It was a nice day, and I can't wait to hang out again!

Random collection of photographs that don't really have a story or fit anywhere!
New trousers that I bought from Boutique of Molly, which I will be posting about on here soon!
Buying more daffodils for my room, and some cheeky laces! :)

I've had quite a nice week this week, looking forward to next week too, as I won't be working over the weekend, yayyyy!

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