April Wish List

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April has been and gone, which means it is Wishlist time!
Where I share with you the things that I have been wanting throughout the month, and explain a little bit about why!

My wishlists are usually all about clothes, but this month I have been more preoccupied with other things that I want.... but obviously still some clothes! (girl loves her clothes!)

1 // Pinafore dresses / shorts.
This isn't really a new thing, as I have wanted some for ages, but with the warmer days drawing closer, I want them even more, so that I can spice up my wardrobe!
Because I am trying not to buy too many things lately, as saving is more important, I think that buying one good pinafore dress will allow me to re-style things that I already own and fall in love with them again. I really like how the black and white pinafores look. I will find one!

2 // Light weight pattern trousers.
I'm all about comfort and patterns, so no wonder I want some more of these!
This pair is from new look, and I really like the ditsy print!

3 // Being creative.
I really, really want to start drawing and painting, and just being creative in general again.
I feel like I'm still creative through this blog, but I miss creating new things and the way that drawing makes me feel so happy.
I also want to make more things on my sewing machine too, but finding the time for these things is so hard when I have to go to work to earn money :\

4 // My own flat.
This is something that I want over everything else.
I want to move out and live with my boyfriend. I want to come home to my own place and cook our meals. I want to decorate how I want to, and just have my own space!
I really want this. I'm getting to that age where I feel too old to be living at home, and I want independence... but there is the slight inconvenience of money. Ugh. 

5 // Instax Polaroid films.
I've had an Instax camera for quite some time now, and I really want to get back in to using it again, but I need some more film!
It's one of those things that are quite expensive to use, so I always feel like I limit myself with using it. I would absolutely love to be able to just snap away without the thought of each snap being worth a pound.

6 // White lace tops and kimono's
Summer = white and lace to me, and I want all of it!
I really feel like my wardrobe is missing in the department, especially a white lace kimono, as I feel it would be the perfect slight cover up when you want to wear small tops, but not be too exposed as the weather is still a teeny bit cold.
I also really love the off the shoulder lace top. It looks so effortless and festival, and I would love to see if I could pull it off!

7 // Monochrome playsuit.
I'm going to be honest, I was drawn to this because it was in the sale!
Not that I don't love it, but £8 for anything this adorable makes me want it even more.
I do love a bargain!
The reverse contrast is so different to anything that I have seen, or own and it would be the perfect thing to throw on and not have to think about too much if you are in a rush, as all the work is done for you!

8 // Blue gingham Jeggings.
Pastel blue, gingham, high waisted, comfy.
Yesssss pleaseeeeeee!
I don't even need to explain this one, just look at them! :D

Do you like anything I have chosen? :)

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