Four Ways To Style Patterned Trousers

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Who remembers a couple weeks ago when I blogged about these lovely checked high waisted trousers from Boutique Of Molly ?!

I really love them, and enjoy how versatile they are, so I thought I would do a post on how differently you could style them!
I went with four different styles; Pattern Clash, Grunge, Night Out, and Everyday Casual.
Read below to find out more about the looks and why I styled them like this :)

  1//  Pattern Clash  

Clashing patterns is a big trend, and even if you are a little shy to try this, if you stick to some simple rules, it can be done very well!
I always try to stick to similar tones and colours, so the look still feels pulled together. I picked out the greys in the trousers and matched them to the grey stripes on the top, as well as pulling the red in the trousers together with the red hat.
Another technique is to have small patterns with big patterns, like I have tried to do with this outfit, this makes them feel less harsh and creates some contrast!
I kept the res of the outfit simple, with just the hat and some white slip on shoes, as not to over crowd the look. I really like how this turned out. It feels very fun and summery!

  2//  Grunge  

I love a bit of grunge dressing! and I saw potential in these trousers to be styled with a grunge edge.
To me checks and gingham screams 90's grunge so I knew that I had to style them with plenty of black to bring out the dark vibes.
I went with classic black and white converse, as they are a classic grunge style staple.
I raided my wardrobe for some band tees, and it was a choice between this Kings of Leon top, and a Bullet For My Valentine one with cut off sleeves.
I decided on this one, as I'm not quite ready to dress too summery yet, with my arms and shoulders out, I'm too used to winter and jumpers! I also liked how the red and oranges of the skulls worked well with the red in the trousers.
And lastly I topped the whole outfit off with my well loved black beanie!
I've had this one for at least three years now, and I always reach back for it when I want to add a laid back and lazy vibe to a look, or just hide some bad hair days haha.

  3//  Night Out  

The slim line fit of the trousers means that they could be seen as quite smart as well as casual, so I wanted to see if I could style them in a way that would make them perfect for nights out or days at the office!
Personally, I think that if you add some nice heels and wear your hair down, anything outfit can be a going out look! So that's exactly what I did!
I wanted to highlight the high waisted of the trousers, so paired it with a tight black crop top, to accentuate the waist. I chose this one, as I always like to balance out crop tops and having your belly out, by covering something else up, and the long sleeves on this top is perfect for this idea!
I'm pretty bad at walking in heels because I am a tom boy 100% and only own these wedges and some boot wedges and they aren't even that high!
As far as going out outfits go, this one is pretty damn comfy, yet still has all the fun that you need!

  4//  Everyday Casual  

I know it's quite obvious that anything can be styles casually, but I just wanted to show how I would style the trousers for everyday errands, when I wanted to be comfy yet still look nice!
I'm a monochrome lover at heart, so I will usually always be drawing to black on a day when I'm not trying too hard.
I paired the trousers with a simple black silk cami top and my favourite black cardigan at the moment. It has a lace kind of pattern, which adds to the simple outfit, and it is super soft!
I wore these chelsea boots, which I live in as they are just so easy to get on and off and they go with everything!
Casual yet still nice, thanks to the pop of colour and pattern from these lovely trousers!

My favourite is the grunge look, It feels the most like me and my style, and I really
do put comfort before style!

Which outfit would you wear?

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