London Day Out // One Year Anniversary

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 On Monday, it was mine and Dayle's year anniversary, so we decided to spend the day in London, as we hadn't been their together yet (apart from Comic con) even though it's really close.
Our first stop was Forbidden Planet at Covent Garden as we are both massiveeee nerds and I love the place, and Dayle hadn't been, so I wanted to show him how cool it was! :D
We spent a good hour, maybe even more just wandering around 'ooohing' and 'ahhhing' and getting too excited about everything!
(I didn't take any pictures, but believe me it is so cool!)

Once we had finished being all nerdy we wanted to get some lunch, so we headed to a restaurant called Maxwell's, as it was close and looked swanky!
Just by coincidence it was Monday, which is when they have 50% off main meals, so that was useful!
We both had similar things, Dayle with a BBQ burger and onions, and me with a BBQ burger, pulled pork and gherkins.
And we shared some onion rings.
This is literally my perfect kind of burger haha. It was so tasty, I would definitely recommend it, especially on a Monday to take advantage of the deals :D
OH! and I got a coke float!! which I got way too excited and nostalgic about, it was tastyyyy!

Once we were happily stuffed, we slowly made our way over to the London Aquarium :D
I'd never been before, and it is one of Dayle's favourite places, but he hadn't been in ages, so we decided to experience it together :).
I haven't been to an aquarium in yearssss, and it was really fun!
They are quite a magical kind of experience, looking at all these animals that you haven't seen before, or have only seen on TV, and just watching them up close.
I really enjoyed it :)

Selfie with a fish, ofcourse! ;D

Look at the penguins :D :D

I didn't take my big camera, as I couldn't be bothered to carry it around, so these were all taken on my phone, which would have been fine if I could have used the flash, but we weren't allowed.

Ah well!
They are still okay :)

It doesn't really matter I guess, as I have the memories of the awesome and chilled out day :)

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