London + Yellow wall // Outfit

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I was wondering around London the other day with the boyfriend, and spotted this bright yellow wall, and just had to take advantage of it for an outfit post... because nothing screams fashion blogger more than a coloured wall!
Super original I know, but I couldn't resist!
I knew how much of a nice contrast it would be with the bright yellow next to my mainly black outfit, and I wanted them photos!

I (stupidly) forgot to take off my leather jacket to show what I was wearing underneath, mainly because people were staring and I was getting self concious haha.
But underneath I was wearing a red, black and white patterned bat wing cardigan.
It's one of them items that I love to wear with plain black outfits as it makes it a little more interesting.
Which you would be able to see if I hadn't wimped out, haha. Oh well!

Alongside the masses of black, I wore my black and white converse, as they are super comfy and practical for walking around London, and I love how they look and make me feel Fifteen again!
I also grabbed my trusty blue polka dot satchel, as it is the perfect size and also adds something nice pattern to most outfits.

These photos were taking on my new phone, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, which gives me more reason to take outfit photos when I am out, without the thought of carrying my Canon 600D around everywhere.

What do you think of my outfit?
And do you like the yellow wall? :D

\\  Sunglasses - H&M  //
\\  Top - Primark  //
\\  Leather Jacket - Ebay  //
\\  (hidden) Cardigan - New Look  //
\\  Jeans - New Look  //
\\  Bag - A Present   //
\\  Converse - Converse  //

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