MCM London Comicon // May 23rd 2015

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This is my little post to round up my day at MCM London Comicon.
(Previous posts here, and here)

I went on the Saturday with a bunch of my family and the boyfriend.
We all decided to co-ordinate and go as DC characters, including: The Flash, Death stroke, Batman, Nightwing, The Riddler and The joker!
My brothers two friends also came along and just so happened to match us, dressed as Harley Quinn and The Joker as the nurse. So that was useful haha.

I went as The Flash as he is so damn cool, and I have really been enjoying watching the programme!
I made the costume myself, and tried to spend as little as I could on it. I used a top from Primark, some shorts and tights I already had, some foam, an old pair of shoes, a glue gun (and lots of hot glue) and paint!
I could do a DIY tutorial/post on this if anyone would be interested?

Here is a closer look at mine and the boyfriends costumes, he went as Deathstroke! 

Over all the day was quite good, I always enjoy the atmosphere and seeing people who have similar interests and just looking at how everyone gets so excited and are so friendly.
I appreciate the day from a nerds point of view and from a creative point of view, as I love looking at all the illustration stalls, made items and also all the hand made outfits!
The only thing that I would put down about the day would be how cramped and busy it was.
I know that with an event like this it is always going to be busy, but the last two times I went, the stalls were spread out over both sides, where as this time they were all on one side apart from one tiny food room, and loads of empty rooms with chairs.
It's nice to have somewhere a bit quieter to sit but having EVERYONE on one side was just wayyyy too crowded, and stressful. It always gets worse when more people get let in after Priority entry, and it can be so annoying haha.

Apart from that though, it was a really fun day!
I get to hang out with my family and boyfriend and nerd out like a crazy person, whilst dressed as a super hero, surrounded by like minded people and eating good food, what's not to like?!

I am now going to spam you with a shit load of photos from the day :D

 BEST THING EVER ^^^^ Nice Ice <3

These are all actually print screens from videos that I took throughout the day. I'm going to be putting them all together and creating a kind of vlog for the day, which I will post about as soon as I've edited it.
Print screening actually worked surprisingly well, I wasn't sure if the camera on my phone would be good enough but it is pretty damn good!
It allowed me to kind of get better pictures too as they were more natural, so yay!

Can't wait to go again in October!

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