Monthly Scrapbook // April

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Anniversary page
mixed month page

It's scrapbook time! :D
Here is the April post for my monthly scrapbook series, I had a lot of photos for April, so kind of struggled to fit them all in, but it looks okay.
I think I've realised that monthly scrapbooking is harder than I thought it would be, especially to make them look aesthetically right.
I would rather scrapbook big occasions on their own pages, but I've started now, so I will continue the monthly pages until the end of this year, and then start differently for the new year :).

This month I wanted to re-use some golden Easter egg wrapper as it was pretty, and relevant to the month!
I'm not really a lover of gold, so this proved difficult, and I don't think it totally worked as a solid colour background, but ah well.
I definitely prefer the page with golden accents!
And I'm getting better at keeping things for decoration and memories, yay! :D


Things that happened in april:

Girly meet ups
Seeing Cinderella at the cinema
Easter eggs! and seeing family
Nandos with Jamie
My first collaboration on my blog :D
One year anniversary with Dayle
Cute four day weekend :)

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