My Morning Routine // New Video! :)

by - 12:28

It's been quite a long time since I have uploaded a Youtube video, but finally I got around to it!
I actually filmed this about a month ago, but it took so damn long to edit, as Movie Maker likes to be annoying. So hopefully it doesn't take me a month to be happy with a video every time, because that wouldn't be too exciting haha.
But I've (hopefully) learnt from what I was doing wrong, and can be faster next time!

The video is of my morning routine. How I get ready on a day off from work, from waking up to being ready to leave the house.
I spent ages not being completely happy with the video, and tweeking it and adding new bits, and still wasn't happy with it, so I decided to try a voice over.
(Squeeky voice alert... or maybe that's just me!)
I'm currently in this middle stage of wanting to be original but not really having the skills or the expensive software, and it is getting a bit annoying!

I've only really just started creating videos, so I need a lot more practice!
Any feedback would be more than appreciated, as I want to learn and evolve :)

Thank you if you have a little watch, I really appreciate it :D
Hope you enjoy it!

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