Nostalgic Checks // Outfit

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Am I the only one that associates checks with nostalgia and being a 15 year old skater child constantly listening to Green Day and Fall Out Boy?
Because when I wear a checked shirt, that is all I can see!

Not going to lie though, I kinda love it. Checked shirts are one of them items that I reach for when I want to be a lazy bum for the day and can't be bothered to think.
They are they easiest way (for me anyway) to make getting ready quick, as they can be paired with the most simplest of outfits and still look like you have made the effort... even if it is some laid back and grunge style effort!

This is actually a guys shirt, and I have owned it for years. It is super comfy and baggy, which is what I love and as long as I wear semi fitted clothes underneath, it can still create quite a 'feminine' grunge outfit that still shows off the figure, just with some laid back bagginess thrown on top, which is exactly how I like to do things!

What do you think of checked shirts in outfits,
Happily nostalgic or wayyyy too 2004?

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