Outfit // Purple Patterns and Ombre

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I feel like I'm slacking this week when it comes to the blog. I know it's only Tuesday, and my last post was on Sunday, but I've totally not organised or planned this weeks posts at all.
I usually try and stick to a schedule or posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and my week in pictures on Sunday, and usually have them all pre-planned and at least started on the Monday, but this week I just had other things to do.

So here is a quick outfit that I wore a few weeks ago and didn't post, just until I sort myself out! :)

It's quite a simple and standard Sammi outfit, tights, high waisted shorts and my fedora to make it seem like I tried haha.
The thing that makes this outfit is the top, and how vibrant and different it is.
I don't own much purple things in my wardrobe, and nor do I own many Ombre things, so this definitely stands out from the rest of my things.
It's one of them items that kind of becomes the outfit, it is easy to style by just pairing it with plain items, or if you wanted you could do some major pattern clashing for a more 'fashion forward' style.
My favourite thing about the top, is the back detailing. It has this unusual straps, that criss cross and create a little attention to the upper back and shoulders, which always adds a feminine touch.

I didn't take a picture, but I ended up wearing this with my trusty studded leather jacket, to make the purple pop even more against the dark colours, it was a fairly quick thrown together outfit with not much thought, but some days that is what you need, and you can never go wrong with sticking with the basics! :)

//  Top - New Look  \\
//  Shorts - New Look  \\
//  Fedora Hat - H&M  \\

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