Phone Outfits // One

by - 17:10

So I thought I would get a little series going on this blog, where I show you some mirror selfies that show the outfits that don't make it onto the bog.
I only really post one outfit a week, as I don't get time to set up my camera, and take the nice shots, and it take quite a bit of time to edit. As much as I would love to regularly have outfit posts, when you work a lot, it's kind of impossible.
BUT... there is a but haha, I'm not just moaning!

So I thought I would take quick mirror selfies of my everyday outfits, when I knew I wouldn't get time to do proper photos, so that you could still get a little glimpse more into what I wear.
So here is number one!
I might try and do them monthly... I don't know yet.

Can you tell I like monochrome and red?!
Well I obviously do looking at these haha. This completely defines my style really, I like to be comfy, quite covered up and girly with an edge.
My favourite out of them all is the last one.
I just love that jacket so much! I think it is quite a unique shape and feels quite dressed up even though I wear it for the comfy vibes!

Which outfit do you like the most?

Maybe this series will inspire me to be more creative in my everyday outfits?
We'll see!

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