Primark PS Love range // Liquid liner vs Pen line

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I love a bargain, and Primarks PS Love make up range definitely fits the bill, with everything being under five pound and pretty damn impressive!
My favourite item from their range is the pen liner, but when I recently went to re-purchase one in my local store, they were sold out (shock horror!) so I decided to give the liquid liner a go instead.
They are quite different products, that are used for the same thing, so I thought I would do a comparison post, to show you the pro's and con's of each, to help you if you are stuck between which one to buy, or you may just be interested!

They both come in similar black and simple packaging, and are easy to hold and carry around, which is always useful, and they last quite a long time too, considering the low price.

The pen liner (Left) is basically like it is named, used like a pen, or a felt tip.
The nib is quite thin, to get that perfect thin flick and is very easy to apply!
it may take a little bit of going over to get the line that you want, but it is worth it!

The Liquid line (Right) is a bit more fiddly, the product is obviously liquid, so you have to make sure there is enough, but not too much product on the applicator.
The nib is quite flexible, which could be useful to some people, but I found that it move around too much and spread out, meaning I couldn't always get the thin precise line that I wanted, which resulted in the lines getting thicker and thicker so they would look like one smooth line, to cover up any mistakes.

The results:

Pen liner:

Liquid liner:

They both work pretty well, and give off the same kind of results and look very similar, but I definitely prefer the pen liner. It is less fiddly, and with liquid products I am always scared of dropping or spilling them, and staining the carpet, but they pen liner doesn't have this problem.
The pen liner is easier to wipe away if you make a mistake, whereas the liquid liner is quite stubborn and if you make a mistake you just have to go with it, and cover it up, because that line is not budging! But weirdly, the liquid liner seems to always come away when I curl my lashes, as if it just gets pulled off in chunks. Another thing I noticed with the liquid liner, is that if you get it on your lashes (which you probably will) it clumps them up and makes them hard to apply mascara to, which is annoying!

Liquid liner - Pros:

-  Thin brush
- Very black and opaque colouring
- Doesn't dry up quickly
- Stays put for a long time

Liquid liner - cons:

- Hard to erase any mistakes
- always looks like it is wet / shiny effect
- brush spreads out and makes a thicker line if too much pressure used
- Comes away sometimes when using lash curlers
- Chance of spilling.
- Clumps up eye lashes

Pen liner - Pros:

- Easy to use
- Easy to wipe away if mistakes are made
- Can create both thin and thick lines
- useful for filling in between lashes and the waterline
- Dries with a matte finish

Pen liner - cons:

- Not completely black (but can be built up)
- Can be easily smudged if have watery eyes
Dries up quicker

I think it is one of those personal preference things, where you just know what you like!
But I definitely prefer the pen liner. I just always seem to get the job done a lot quicker, and exactly how I like it using this product, whereas with the liquid liner I have to concentrate a lot more and always make mistakes, resulting in thicker lines and flicks and clumpy lashes.

Which product do you prefer?

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